Forda Farm bed and breakfast, The Farm

Roddy and Val invite you to stay on their family run livestock farm. Forda Farm is nestled in its own secluded valley, with the house being 100 yards off a quiet country road.
The Farming Year Forda farm extends to 115 acres with additional grass keep taken each year. This supports 80 pedigree Charollais ewes and followers, 380 commercial ewes producing fat lambs and 60 young calves each September (around 5 days -3 weeks old) who are reared to 18 moths old.
The farming year starts in the autumn with purchase and housing of young calves, who are reared on milk until they are weaned. The Rams are also put in with the ewes. Lambing starts in early December with the pedigree Charollais. These are kept to produce rams for sale to other sheep farmers at 18 months of age.

Forda This leads into shearing in June/July much to the relief of the sheep, it is about this time that the fat lamb and cattle sales start.

In September the ewe flock is weaned, checked through and ewes too old for another year are picked out and replaced with young ewes. So the flock is ready for the introduction of the rams and the sheds all ready for the purchase of the calves and housing of the cattle and so another year begins. 
Feel free to walk the farms 110 acres of pasture or wander through the 6 acre wood - you might see a deer!
The reward for those who make it to the top of the farm are panoramic views towards Dartmoor, Bodmin Moor and Exmoor, (weather permitting). The more adventurous may wish get your hands dirty and help (where and when possible) around the farm. Wellies and washing afterwards are a must.

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